BRE Innovations – Solutions For The Packaging, Food, Retail And Allied Industries

BRE Innovations is a marketing and trading company supplying products in three broad groups:

1.Packaging and Materials

2. Machinery.

3. Cold Chain efficiency products


1. Packaging & Materials

  • Cup and Tray Sealing Films
  • Compostable and Biodegradeable Containers
  • Compostable and Biodegradeable Films and Bags
  • Dual Ovenable Plastic containers
  • Films & Bags for Vacuum Sealing machines
  • Plastic Sheet for Thermoforming

2. Machinery

  • GN Thermoforming Machines
  • Lavezzini Vacuum Sealing Machines
  • Heat Sealers For Cups and Trays with MAP Vacuum and gas facilities
  • Heat Sealers for Bags and Film
  • Siat Carton Taping and Sealing Equipment
  • Siat Pallet Wrapping Machines
  • Lock’n Pop Pallet Stabilisation Systems

3. Cold Chain Efficiency Products

  • Tempro Cold stop Curtains
  • Tempro Pallet Covers
  • Tempro Cold Corner Temporary cold storage
  • Tempro Roll Cage Covers
  • Tempro Portable cold Storage systems

Thermoforming machines for packaging

Complete lines for plastic sheet manufacture

Cold Chain Efficiency Solutions